SPACE: A New Frontier


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Space and Related Technology

CEA Group (CEA) is expanding into sectors which hold significant promise for its investment banking group.  In addition to cybersecurity and secured communications, its industry focus includes the exciting and emerging field of Space and Technology.

Developments in commercial space have been very significant in the past few years and the trend is accelerating.  Despite the current economic uncertainties, the growth continues to be explosive.

Space and related technology are industries focused on long-term horizons but also with short term goals.  Billions of dollars are being spent in this sector each year. The announcement of SpaceX financing with a value of over $40 billion helped put things in perspective. In addition to the “headliners” such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and others, there are many companies that are supporting the rapid development of this sector which offer attractive prospects for investors.

In addition to the world of commercial space and related services, the traditional NASA related business and other space related industries including intelligence, cybersecurity, space warfare and defense, and communications, are still very strong sectors.  There is significant anticipated growth associated with companies benefiting from increased Federal and related budgets.

With CEA located in Tampa, Florida,  it seems appropriate that CEA develop a position to help lower middle market companies in both the commercial and governmental sectors surrounding the space and technology industries. Florida is a premier aerospace and space location and is a top state for aerospace manufacturing attractiveness with companies excelling in areas from aircraft parts and assembly, to intelligence, robotics, to missiles.

Ed Horowitz, who is globally recognized throughout the space industry is CEA's Senior Advisor for Space and Technology, is a significant step forward for CEA.  Ed’s biographical sketch may be found on the Team page.

Additionally, an article entitled Space: Earth’s Ultimate Plan is published on our Insights blog. This article is authored by Robert Jacobson, author of  Space is Open for Business. Robert’s book is a must read for those interested in the multibillion-dollar industry and for business opportunities arising from the transformation taking place.

Parties interested in discussing opportunities related to strategic joint ventures, expansion and/or acquisition financing in this sector should contact us.  A conversation may be arranged to speak with Ed Horowitz, CEA’s Chairman Rick Michaels or Todd Tindall, VP, to discuss how CEA may assist.

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