Strategic Advisory Services



CEA has been tried and tested in the business arena in more than 60 countries around the world. Our vision, first-hand experience and relationships can be invaluable when navigating ever-changing market landscapes.

Strategic Advisory Services

The Strategic Advisory Services that we offer requires our team to fully understand the long-term and financial objectives of your business and help them in evaluating strategic and optimal alternatives to develop the strongest execution plan possible. CEA Group will advise, stimulate and challenge our clients' point of view and improve their strategic decision making process. Using over 50 years of experience in strategic planning analysis, business valuations and financial capacity analysis, we help to establish the most appropriate growth strategy for your business.

CEA provides strategic advisory services for companies across most stages, regardless of whether or not a transaction is pending. As an exclusive or non-exclusive advisor, CEA seeks to serve public or privately-held companies, including profitable family-owned and operated companies and family offices.

The strength of our firm lies in our consistent results and our ability to meet and exceed expectations. Whether you have a turnaround, two companies merging, or a company that should be growing faster, we’re here to help you succeed.

Our Services:

  • Exploring new or modified business models
  • Evaluating competitive landscapes
  • Evaluating constraints
  • Repurposing or divesting underutilized assets
  • Evaluating the optimal value of all assets
  • Evaluating processes and talent
  • Opportunities for international joint ventures
  • Exploring and planning short-term and long-term M&A strategies
  • Exploring estate planning options*
  • Exploring tax planning scenarios*
  • Scaling operations to meet
    performance outlooks
  • Diversifying business sectors
  • Establishing, protecting and growing market positioning
  • Evaluating growth strategies
  • Exploring and planning buyout scenarios:
    family buyouts, leveraged buyouts or management buyouts
  • Opportunities for and impacts of:
    investing or divesting,
    Impacts of refinancing,
    consolidating or deconsolidating,
    recapitalizing shareholders,
    debt & equity financing

*Services offered in association with the client's professional advisors

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