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About CEA Group



CEA has been tried and tested in the business arena in more than 60 countries around the world. Our vision, first-hand experience and relationships can be invaluable when navigating ever-changing market landscapes.

About CEA Group

Founded in 1973  by media pioneer and investment maven,  J. Patrick “Rick” Michaels, Jr., CEA began as a US Cable TV brokerage firm. The firm was founded as an investment bank to provide financial expertise to a select group of cable industry clients and has emerged as an international investment bank and advisor focusing on some of today's exciting and fastest-growing  sectors such as Cybersecurity, Fintech, Data Analytics and AI, Software as a Service, Media, Telecom, other technology-oriented sectors.  CEA has set its sights even further by placing its footprint in the revolutionary field of SpaceTech.

Having advised on over 1,000 transactions in more than 60 countries, CEA is a global leader in investment banking and advisory services.

CEA  and its affiliates have also managed or co-managed over $1.15 billion of private equity assets and throughout its entire history have executed over $60 billion in aggregate transaction value. 

Through specialized advisory and investment banking services, CEA continues to serve clients and partners as it has done for the past five decades. As well as a successful alternative asset management transaction history, guiding them through paradigm shifts in industries all over the world.

Spotting Winning Opportunities is the hallmark of CEA’s perspective and culture.  No matter the business or economic climate, opportunity demands the right thing in the right place at the right time – Plan for it…Capitalize on it.

"We find out what somebody needs and help them find that, because we care."
Parke Wright, Senior Advisor - International

Transforming Business

Since 1973, the CEA Group has been serving owners, operators and investors of companies all over the world, big and small, with a particular expertise in family-owned businesses and family offices.

By actively advising, operating and investing throughout its history, CEA lends clients and partners its vast Historical Perspective with Experiential Foresight. The evidence speaks for itself.

Experience and Relationships

For over 40 years CEA has represented clients in more than 900 transactions and countless advisory mandates, in addition to investing from private equity funds and managing direct investments.

Please visit the following pages for a representative sample of industries served across our business segments.

Select Transactions

GMEX Group acquired Pyctor sold by ING

CEA Alternative Asset Management

CEA’s formula for success has always been to discover market opportunities in otherwise underserved areas, apply a focused investment approach and create a logical value proposition.

Led by Ming Jung, CEA’s Alternative Asset Management team partners with experienced fund managers and investors to sponsor, co-sponsor and manage special opportunities that include new fund concepts, joint ventures, and other strategic partnerships that can leverage CEA’s global strategic contacts, fund management experience and back office capacity. Only in conjunction with these partnerships or other joint venture opportunities does CEA invest directly.

The goal of CEA’s Alternative Asset Management team is to create, grow and protect investor capital and generational wealth through activities which have included those endeavors of not only the CEA brand, but also Atlantic American Partners.

While CEA does not make passive third-party investments in any transaction, we would be interested in hearing from you regarding concepts for which a potential relationship with CEA might be advantageous.