Atlantic American Partners


CEA has been tried and tested in the business arena in more than 60 countries around the world. Our vision, first-hand experience and relationships can be invaluable when navigating ever-changing market landscapes.

Atlantic American Partners

As an affiliate of CEA Group, Atlantic American Partners (AAP)  is a Florida-based private equity fund manager that invests in the development of real estate assets throughout the United States.  Aligning their interests with those of their investors and development partners, AAP seeks to achieve their investment goals and make a lasting impact in the communities in which they invest.

Private Equity Investments
Atlantic American Partners draws on deep industry expertise and solid relationships with developers to provide investment options that generate meaningful returns with tax-efficient structures.  AAP manages private equity funds that invest in real estate throughout the United States.  Focusing on top tier markets, the firm invests in ground up development opportunities that are sponsored by leading developers with proven track records. The investments not only generate current pay cash flow and capital gains but provide a tax efficient structure to foreign investors.

Immigration-Based Investments
Since 2010, Atlantic American Partners has been helping families around the world achieve their personal ambitions of immigrating to the US, through the EB-5 Investor Visa Program. AAP is recognized as a pioneer in the EB-5 industry.  The firm developed a unique “diversified fund” model, where investors own a portfolio of assets – not just one – which diversifies investment risk and helps to prevent against loss of capital. With a track record of $400 Million+ of EB-5 Capital Invested and 38 successfully completed EB-5 projects since 2010.  

Solutions for Real Estate Developers
Atlantic American Partners manages funds that invest common and preferred equity in ground up real estate development opportunities, while seeking to cultivate long-term relationships with proven development sponsors. Atlantic American Partners makes investments in Multifamily, Student Housing, Industrial, Mixed-Use and Hospitality development opportunities.  

CEA Capital Advisors, LLC provides administrative, tax and other advisory services to AAP related investment vehicles and their investors.

Special Opportunity Funds

CEA established its Communications, Media and Entertainment ("CME")-focused private equity funds 25 years ago at a time when the market was underserved with financial vehicles for that sector. Independently in some cases, and in conjunction with unaffiliated banking institutions and others, CEA and its affiliates have managed, co-managed or participated in a worldwide family of private equity funds with committed capital of approximately $1.15 billion for private equity investments in the industries CEA serves.

The CME focus came naturally for CEA because by the beginning of our private equity efforts, the firm’s personnel had many years of experience in the sector in making direct investments in privately-held CME companies -- including operating responsibilities in several of the investments -- and in providing investment banking services for many more CME clients.

CEA’s private equity fund endeavors have provided CEA and its staff the experience in raising and administering fund vehicles on a professional basis and, while we continue to pursue CME opportunities, we are now using that knowledge to form vehicles in other market segments. We are seeking to exploit opportunities where we have developed expertise internally through our investment banking activities and by teaming with individuals and companies that have expertise in areas that we find have significant investment potential.

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