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Dean Goodman
Senior Advisor – Broadcast
The CEA Group

Dean Goodman holds the position of Senior Advisor - Broadcast.

Dean Goodman founded GoodCo Companies and its subsidiaries (GoodCo) to provide technical, programming, operations and financial expertise to broadcast, communications, technology and digital media enterprises. Built on Dean’s experience and relationships spanning 50+years, GoodCo Companies invest in and improve returns for stakeholders.  GoodCo’s primary focus is currently on radio, television, technology, outdoor, spectrum, network, music and related businesses.  

On his own from his early teenage years, Dean started working at radio stations first, on air and then in all facets of radio and television positions to ultimately operate station groups.  From acquisition through operation and divestiture, Dean went on to be responsible for 3 significant radio and radio/TV portfolios including all radio formats as well as major television affiliates developed to top market performance and sold at significant cashflow multiples securing financial gains.

After selling a station to Bud Paxson, CEO of Paxson Communications (and the founder of Home Shopping Network), Dean joined Bud as President/COO of Paxson with primary responsibility for operations, acquisitions and corporate presentations.

Positioning the company for growth, a reverse merger resulted in Paxson Communications (NASDAQ PAX) becoming a public entity. PAX/ION assembled the largest O&O television group in the U.S. PAX TV network (now ION) was created to produce original prime time programming. Additionally, after achieving $100 Million in EBITDA, Dean and Bud exited the company.

Subsequent to PAX/ION, Dean founded Digity LLC and acquired 116 radio stations from San Jose, California to Palm Beach, Florida assembling the nation’s fifth largest radio group. Digity grew to top performance and was sold to Alpha Media at a 43% IRR.

Currently, Dean is a partner in the following technology companies: 6G-Datacast.tv, LLC, and ALL 6G LLC.

Dean supported the goals of all broadcasters through 40 years of service to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) as well as various leadership positions including Chairman of the Board for the Florida Association of Broadcasters.

Dean continues to support and is active in charities providing assistance to disadvantaged children.

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