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Bradley J. Snyder
Atlantic American Partners

Brad joined CEA in 2004, initially providing investment banking and corporate advisory services through Atlantic American Partners (AAP).  In 2008, he co-founded and currently serves as a principal of Atlantic American Partners’ series of private equity funds that invest in commercial real estate developments throughout the US.  These Funds include a unique diversified portfolio solution for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ EB-5 Investor Visa Program, which enables foreign nationals to earn a permanent U.S. visa (or “Green Card”) by investing in job creating entities.  

Prior to forming Atlantic American Partners’ private equity funds, Brad served middle market corporate clients as Managing Director of AAP’s investment banking group.  Through his mergers & acquisitions, capital formation and general advisory services, Brad worked with companies of all stage and size and in a wide range of industries:  Business and Financial Services, Biotechnology, Construction, Distribution, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Restaurants.

He also worked with Tunstall Consulting, Inc., a private intermediary, and Gulf Atlantic Capital Corporation, a turnaround and workout group located in Tampa.  At Tunstall, Brad gained investment banking experience, particularly in the area of financing high growth companies through IPOs involving top tier underwriters.  With Gulf Atlantic, Brad gained extensive corporate finance and advisory experience.  There, he assisted distressed middle market companies with secured loan defaults, debt restructuring, Chapter 7 & 11 bankruptcy, Section 363 sale transactions, short term and long-term operational strategies, financial strategies and valuations.

Brad earned his BA in Accounting from the University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL) in 1996.  He currently sits on numerous corporate boards of the real estate holdings owned by AAP’s various Funds.  

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