Jeff Snyder Joins IMCI Technologies as Senior Advisor

Tampa, FL - September 11. 2023. CEA Group (CEA) is pleased to announce that our Senior Advisor of Cyber Security, Jeff Snyder, has been appointed to IMCI Technologies as a Senior Advisor.

“Jeff’s broad and deep understanding of the Cyber and Critical Infrastructure Domains from strategic and operational perspective will serve to strengthen IMCI’s growth in this complex area involving enhanced converged security solutions and complex distributed performance monitoring” stated Sam Zamani, IMCI’s Founder and CEO.

IMCI Founder Sam Zamani continued, “This appointment is a well-deserved recognition of Jeff Snyder’s global reputation as a visionary in the Cyber and Converged Security Domains and the strategic imperatives all related Industries are confronted with. We are privileged to have Jeff as our Senior Advisor and his involvement with IMCI will have many benefits to the important work we perform for our clients.”

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CEA’s Chairman and Founder Rick Michaels stated, “Jeff Snyder’s appointment as a Senior Advisor at IMCI is a remarkable acknowledgement of his prowess as a distinguished cyber security global leader. We are honored to have Jeff serve as a member of CEA’s Advisory Board as our Senior Advisor for Cyber Security.  His role as Senior Advisor at IMCI along with various other renowned cyber firms are invaluable to CEA’s cyber strategy objectives and expansion in this sector.”


IMCI Technologies offers an enterprise-wide, end-to-end remote monitoring and management solution for distributed critical infrastructure. IMCI’s solutions seamlessly integrate universal event and performance data collection, acquisition, distribution, management, reporting, and data analysis to enhance effective security management, performance management, reliable management decisions and measurable ROI for the organization. To learn more about IMCI,


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