IONBURST - Data-Out Protection Whitepaper with Foreword by Jeff Snyder, CEA Senior Advisor - Cyber

CEA Group is delighted to share Ionburst's newest Data-Out Whitepaper with Foreword written by Jeff Snyder, CEA's Senior Advisor - Cyber Security.

Ionburst is an elegant solution for a global problem. Today, data lives everywhere in an open, dynamic, and connected system; from our homes to the edge with every device, every network, and the Cloud.

Beyond the cooperation and competition integral to this dynamic and open system, there are adversaries that see every innovation that connects, accelerates, or simplifies how we interact as an opportunity to do harm.

Ionburst is an unprecedented level of data security, employing data as a proactive participant in its own protection with embedded resilience, sovereignty, and compliance allowing partners and clients to control data everywhere from anywhere.

However, if data itself is our central focus, it becomes both the perimeter and the endpoint, behaving as an active participant in its own defense. When adopting this model, security measures are embedded within the data itself, ensuring that it remains protected regardless of its location — whether within the corporate network, in the cloud, or in transit to a partner site.



Jeff Snyder is a CEA Senior Advisor and cybersecurity expert, boasting over twenty years of experience. His career is marked by significant Cyber contributions to both federal agencies and the private sector. He has been instrumental in the strategic acquisition and growth of over 20 companies in the cybersecurity industry.

Additionally, Jeff is a sought-after speaker regarding a spectrum of pressing topics, from the ever-changing cyber threat landscape to effective threat remediation and risk management strategies. His contributions to the field of cybersecurity are not only a reflection of his deep knowledge but also of his commitment to advancing security practices on a global scale.


Ionburst provides data protection across hybrid cloud environments, prioritizing compliance, security, and recovery of data. Ionburst’s platform provides a seamless and unified interface allowing for central management of data and is designed to help organisations address their regulatory requirements, including data sovereignty, which can ultimately help reduce compliance costs.

Ionburst is actively bridging the security gap between data on-premises and the cloud by providing strong security guardrails and integrated data management. Ionburst’s solution for Financial Services, works to reduce data security risks throughout highly-regulated industries.


Founded in 1973, CEA Group is a leading provider of investment banking services. With a team of experienced personnel worldwide, CEA has an unequaled depth and breadth of industry knowledge, expertise and long-standing industry relationships. CEA has completed over 1,000 transactions totaling over $60+ billion in more than 60 countries. CEA’s reputation and track record of success are built on delivering innovative, value-added solutions and services to clients worldwide. CEA Atlantic Advisors, LLC is a FINRA Registered Broker-Dealer and a member of SIPC.


CEA Group and CyberStratos LLC are currently representing companies in the Cybersecurity Domain and related areas, both domestic and international. Our overarching goal is to assist cyber companies in their accelerated expansion given our expertise, particularly in strategic joint ventures, as well as a myriad of avenues to raise growth capital. In addition to having such sources of growth capital, we have significant Cyber expertise and the background to guide sound and profitable investments in this important Cyber Market and related areas. CEA has a wide range of influential contacts with some of the major strategic companies in the Cyber sector, both domestically and internationally. These relationships help to accelerate growth for our client companies and our strategic partners.

Some of the international areas where we assist domestic companies in locating appropriate international partners to focus on important target markets include, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, Australia and Brazil.

Should you be a firm specializing in the Cyber Domain, specific cyber defense initiatives such as training, secured communications or related value propositions and are looking for strategic advice, capital, and/or prospective joint venture partners, please contact CEA/CyberStratos for a confidential, value-added discussion.


J. Patrick Michaels, Jr.

Chairman & CEO

CEA Group

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Jeff Snyder

Senior Advisor -Cyber Security, CEA Group

Founder & Vice Chairman, CyberStratos LLC

Phone: 571-376-847

Dr. David Lanc

CEO and Founder


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