Rick Michaels and CEA Group mourn the loss of our longtime friend and colleague, Bashir Shariff of Palladium Consulting Sdn. Bhd. 

Recently, I received the sad news of the passing of my dear friend, Bash, as I always addressed him.  Bash worked with CEA and affiliated companies through Palladium for more than two decades as our agent in Malaysia and assisted CEA in India, Singapore, as well as Australia. 

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Palladium consulting company was headed by Bash and founded in 1990.  Palladium provided services to a vast number of clients in the media, telecommunications industry and was a pioneer in bringing venture capital to media in Asia. Bash also spoke at major media conferences on media issues, with perspectives on the future. Between 1977 to 2004, Bash was a member of the London-based International Institute of Communications and held various positions including Treasurer, Vice President and Chairman of the Executive Board. He was also involved with the Asian Broadcasting Development Institute (AIBD) and the Asian Broadcasting Union (ABU) conferences in Asia.

I wanted to share this unfortunate news with those of you who may have had the privilege and joy of knowing or working with Bash and had not yet received this news.  Bash and his lovely wife, Zee, have always been dear friends of mine. I have such fond memories of times shared with Bash and he will be greatly missed.  If you wish to send condolences to his wife, Zee, her email is


J. Patrick Michaels, Jr.

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