Back to Earth - Nicole Stott

“An excellent inspirational introspective view on space travel and its impact on the human race from someone who has been there.” - Rick Michaels, CEA Chairman & CEO


Nicole Stott is an astronaut, artist, author and mom, who spent over one hundred days in space aboard the International Space Station. She has just authored her first book BACK TO EARTH: What Life in Space Taught Me About Our Home Planet—And Our Mission to Protect It (Seal Press; October 12, 2021).

After a twenty-eight-year career with NASA, she founded the Space or Art Foundation, and she speaks to audiences around the world including  the Vatican and the United Nations' historic Paris Agreement gathering.  She is featured in National Geographic's One Strange Rock and the painting she created in space is displayed at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Nicole lives in Florida with her family.

In her new book, Nicole inspires readers of all backgrounds and beliefs to come together to tackle the planet’s most pressing problems, from water insecurity and pollution to the existential threat of climate change. Our planetary life support system is in grave danger and there is no backup plan if it becomes uninhabitable. (No, we can’t just move to Mars.) But the science tells us there is reason for hope: If we take bold action starting now.

Stott believes we can do it, because she saw the kind of cooperation that it will take every day on the ISS, where people from around the world work together and support one another in their various missions. As one of the few Americans to have traveled to space, Stott offers hard-won lessons in high-stakes problem solving, survival, and responding to crisis. She also shares the stories of scientists and changemakers already sparking meaningful change in their communities and around the globe.

Few of us will have the opportunity to see the Earth from space. But Stott hopes to inspire an “Earthrise moment” in each of us, so that we can truly appreciate our fragile and intricate web of human connection. That is the mission of BACK TO EARTH, a stirring call to action and a hopeful vision for the future.

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