Accelerating Cybersecurity Growth

One of America’s fastest growing industries remains the Cyber Domain.  This current and rapidly expanding industry has been a sought-after Domain for almost two decades, generating a very large CAGR and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

There are various factors that have contributed to this insatiable growth, particularly in the cyber security defense industry over the last half dozen years. Some of the key factors influencing the growth are the continued use of brute force attacks, denial of service attacks, phishing schemes and social media Cyber attack avenues. The threat vectors have not holistically changed, yet they have become much more sophisticated and stealthier.

In addition, the expansion of the Black market for Cyber Attack tools and the Internet of Things (IoT)expands our Nation’s attack surface areas. Moreover, in the commercial world,the combination of identity theft, credit card fraud, intellectual property theft ,extortion, malware attacks, financial fraud, and terrorism all present a myriad of Cyber challenges to our Nation.

The Federal Government is spending $Billions on cyber defense across many areas including military, intelligence, DHS and various departments.  Furthermore, there is significant activity to establish successful public-private partnerships to better enhance our Cyber Defense posture.  Such Cyber budgets are not expected tobe impacted negatively by any current budget constraint circumstances. In fact, they are projected to continue to grow in the foreseeable future. Other governmental agencies, including state agencies, are spending $billions to upgrade traditional enterprise IT systems to protect significant, diverse records of the public as well as their important infrastructures.


Both the Federal and Commercial Sectors continue to expand their cyber preparedness and this effort will continue.  The expansion is to some degree largely driven by liability concerns at the executive and C Level and the fact that cyber insurance is becoming increasingly difficult and more expensive to obtain. In essence, there are few Actuarial Metrics to better assess and defend insurance investments associated with the Cyber Threat.

Industries such as healthcare, which have potential massive liability from identity theft and HIPAA violations, are experiencing steady progressions in insurance costs. 

With almost a million unfilled cyber jobs in America, growing at a healthy CAGR, finding cyber defenders, even at the entry level, is quite difficult. Training,certification, and continuing education sectors in cyber are expected to grow geometrically and offer good investment potential due to recurring revenues that require manageable ongoing Cyber investment demands.

There are also some strong environmental trends which will bode well for the growth of the Cyber Domain including the Internet of Things (IoTs), which will continue to grow at an unparalleled pace as well as the increasing demands for enhanced network and communications security.  These trends will present a myriad of opportunities for investors,particularly those strategically positioning for the Cyber Domain.  


CEA Group and CyberStratos LLC are currently representing companies in the Cybersecurity Domain and related areas, both domestic and international. Our overarching goal is to assist cyber companies in their accelerated expansion given our expertise, particularly in strategic joint ventures, as well as a myriad of avenues to raise growth capital. In addition to having such sources of growth capital, we have significant Cyber expertise and the background to guide sound and profitable investments in this important Cyber Market and related areas. CEA has a wide range of influential contacts with some of the major strategic companies in the Cyber sector, both domestically and internationally. These relationships help to accelerate growth for our client companies and our strategic partners.

Some of the international areas where we assist domestic companies in locating appropriate international partners to focus on important target markets include, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, Australia and Brazil.

Should you be a firm specializing in the Cyber Domain, specific cyber defense initiatives such as training, secured communications or related value propositions and are looking for strategic advice, capital, and/or prospective joint venture partners, please contact CEA/CyberStratos for a confidential, value-added discussion.

J. Patrick Michaels, Jr.

Chairman & CEO

CEA Group


Jeff Snyder

Senior Advisor -Cyber Security, CEA Group

Founder & Vice Chairman, CyberStratos LLC


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