Alternative Asset Management

When CEA began brokering cable systems early in the 1970’s, it did not take long for Rick Michaels and other CEA executives to realize that wealth creation and principal interests go hand-in-hand.

What began as years of direct investing among CEA family and friends, evolved into a successful private equity group for 20 years running, a private equity group that lives on through a number of legacy funds and general partnerships.

CEA’s formula for success has always been to discover market opportunities in otherwise underserved areas, apply a focused investment approach and create a logical value proposition.  Our collective experience makes it easy for us to intelligently assess marketable concepts that involve new uses for undervalued assets, new industries, new business models and new funds; and today, more than ever, as market success demands a focused investment approach and a team with a track record for value creation, CEA remains poised for continued success.

Led by Ming Jung, CEA’s Alternative Asset Management team partners with experienced fund managers and investors to sponsor, co-sponsor and manage special opportunities that include NEW FUND CONCEPTS, JOINT VENTURES AND OTHER STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS that can leverage CEA’s global strategic contacts, fund management experience and back office capacity.  Only in conjunction with these partnerships or other joint venture opportunities does CEA invest directly.

The goal of CEA’s Alternative Asset Management team is to create, grow and protect investor capital and generational wealth through activities which have included those endeavors of not only the CEA brand, but also Atlantic American Corporate Group.

While CEA does not make passive third-party investments in any transaction, we would be interested in hearing from you regarding concepts for which a potential relationship with CEA might be advantageous.