Financial Advisory Services

As an exclusive or non-exclusive advisor, CEA seeks to serve public or privately-held companies, including family-owned and operated companies and family offices.

CEA’s financial advisory services can be secured with or without CEA’s investment banking or strategic advisory services, and regardless of a pending transaction.

Financial advisory services can involve

  • Appraisals and valuations
  • A short-term M&A financing strategy
  • A long-term M&A financing strategy
  • Financing operational scale
  • Planning buyout scenarios
  • Family buyouts, leveraged buyouts or management buyouts
  • Estate planning/tax planning*

  • Opportunities for consolidating or deconsolidating
  • Impacts of consolidating or deconsolidating
  • Opportunities for investing or divesting
  • Impacts of investing or divesting
  • Opportunities for privatization
  • Impacts of privatization

  • Opportunities for refinancing
  • Impacts of refinancing
  • Opportunities for recapitalizing shareholders
  • Impacts of recapitalizing shareholders
  • Opportunities for restructuring
  • Impacts of restructuring

 (*Services offered In association with the client's professional advisors)

Along with any problem solving scenario you can think of…

CEA represents clients and securities transactions through CEA Atlantic Advisors, LLC, a FINRA regulated entity and a member of SIPC.

KNOW YOUR OPTIONS – To learn more about how CEA can serve your company as it explores financial strategies, please contact any member of our team.