Dear Clients and Friends,

CEA is in its 42nd year!  In addition to our traditional focus on media, entertainment, and communications, we're advising family and entrepreneurially-owned companies.  We're excited to have Tom Malone join us recently.  Based in our NY office, Tom is focused on the areas of radio and television, cable, and programming.  More about Tom and CEA Capital Advisors can be found at  CEA's investment banking business continues in Latin America. Waldo Glasman concluded the sale of a major cable TV system this year and is working on several mandates in Brazil's cable sector as well as Spanish language media projects in Panama and the U.S.   CEAI in London has recently welcomed Karima Serageldin (; her interests are in technology and cybersecurity, a growing focus of CEA in the U.S.

We've also founded two not-for-profit entities: (1) The National Cyber Institute, a consortium of universities and not-for-profits focused on applied research and cybersecurity; and (2) The National Cyber Partnership ( has launched the Cyber Foundations, a fast-track certification program to place military veterans in high-paying jobs in the cybersecurity industry.

CEA and its affiliates also manage, co-manage or participate in a worldwide family of private equity funds with committed capital of approximately $1.15 billion for private equity investments in the industries CEA serves. Our partners at Seaport Capital have sold the last of our related investments; we're continuing to consider opportunities on a sponsorship basis. 

Six years ago, I co-founded the Atlantic American Opportunities Funds and subsequently Atlantic American Fortune Funds (, which have been very successful at helping foreign nationals obtain permanent residency in the U.S. through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program.  The unique portfolio structure of these funds provides additional security of investment and job creation for our EB-5 investors, coupled with a professionally managed investment platform. Our partner InvestAmerica provides investment banking and advisory services to EB-5 projects (

Lastly, CEA is expanding its core franchise through arranging certain types of media content principally via international investments.  Activities include financing a major television series in Asia and funding the developmental capital for a new film for a prominent Hollywood producer. 

I want to express my appreciation to all with whom we have done business over the last four decades.  We welcome the opportunity of hearing from you regarding ideas on how we might be of assistance.

Best regards,


J. Patrick Michaels, Chairman and CEO