A Letter from Our Chairman

Dear Clients and Friends:

Founded in December 1973, CEA is celebrating its 45th year of doing business. I want to extend my gratitude and sincere thanks to our valuable clients, colleagues and staff who have helped make CEA successful over the years. I am most appreciative of your continued support.

The firm has undergone a number of changes in four and a half decades, and we are updating our website to be more reflective of CEA’s current business. No company can simply rely on the past strategies to continue to be successful. It has to have a well-thought-out current business model, properly executed with a vision for the future. Our website will be completely revised by year end, but the recent updates should help you better understand our current capabilities and direction.

CEA’s three principal areas of business continue to be investment banking and corporate finance; alternative asset management, and merchant banking activities in which CEA and/or affiliated companies have a principal relationship in each transaction.

Several of our other major activities, such as the EB-5 visa investment program, are conducted through affiliated companies in which we own a substantial stake such as Atlantic American Opportunities Fund and InvestAmerica.

Our firm also continues to focus in the cybersecurity industry through two not-for-profits: The National Cyber Partnership and the National Cyber Institute. We have recently started to provide investment banking services, on a selective basis, to companies involved in various aspects of cybersecurity.

CEA Group is also involved in several entertainment projects involving content as well as management of television and motion picture projects with some well-known big-screen producers.

I am blessed by the number of friends, clients, and contacts from almost five decades of doing business in more than 60 countries. Many still contact me with opportunities, simply reach out to seek advice, or just call to say hello. I welcome those calls.

Once again, I am grateful to my colleagues for their support, most of whom I have been associated and worked successfully with over many years. I am also very fortunate for the loyalty and dedication of our staff’s significant contributions to CEA’s success story.

Best regards,
J. Patrick Michaels, Jr.
Chairman and CEO