CEA Group - International Team

Rick Michaels, Chairman

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Rick founded CEA in 1973 to provide financial expertise for a select group of cable industry clients.  He led the company into a full-service international brokerage and financial services firm, which has included establishing and growing numerous affiliate companies and funds to expand the group’s ability to serve new market opportunities with a focused approach. Read Rick Michaels' biography.


Ming Jung, Executive VP and COO

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Ming joined CEA in 1997.  He oversees The CEA Group’s day-to-day business operations which include Corporate Advisory Services, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Managed Investments and Special Opportunities.  Read Ming Jung's  biography.

"I'm overjoyed to learn CEA's completed 40+ years in business. You've gone a long way from Bible to Cable, traveled to over 120 countries and done business in 60. Your hard work and dedication has paid and generated employment worldwide... you touch the lives of individuals in many different ways and make a difference."

- Gerard Viegas, TechnologyPark.com


Martin Farmer, Partner

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Martin joined CEA in 1990 to work in its Corporate Finance practice advising traditional media companies on their M&A activities and financial requirements in the UK and Europe.  Read Martin Farmer's biography.


Carol O'Connor, Consultant

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Carol rejoined CEA International LLP (“CEAI”) in early 2010 and has been advising a number of media and technology firms on strategy and fund raising. Read Carol O'Connor's biography.


Karima Serageldin, Managing Director



Karima Serageldin joined CEA International LLP (“CEAI”) as Consultant - Corporate Advisory Services & Investment Banking.  Read Karima Serageldin's biography.


Vicky Shi, Senior Advisor



Vicky Shi joined CEA Group in 2017 as a Senior Advisor focusing on Financial Services. Read Vicky Shi's biography.

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